How many friends does one person need?

Dunbar’s number* has it that 150 friends is about right before one starts losing track of meaningful relationships.

There are many factors influencing how one chooses friends. It could be looks, personality, aesthetic standards, etc. These are part of the external / environmental factors.

How about scent emitted by our bodies?

* Robin Dunbar introduced the Dunbar’s number to the world in his book “How many friends does one person need?”.

What makes us attracted to each other?

Beside environmental factors, we, humans like all animals, are attracted to each through scent. Wearing perfume, which is a common practice in modern times, masks our “natural scent”.

Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC) is the science behind our “natural scent”. Through MHC analysis, it is now possible to be absolutely certain of our natural scents.

What is DNA Compatibility?

Using the same MHC science as used in organ transplantation, GENEmate has developed a method with the help of scientists, to assess “natural” compatibility and enhance the process of looking for friends and seeking out the most compatible lifetime partner.

Compatibility = Dissimilar MHC Genes
(C = DMG)

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How do we know who is our soulmate?

  1. You’re Best Friends
  2. There’s Mutual Respect
  3. You’re Comfortable Being Authentic And Frank with Each Other
  4. You both Have The Same Visions About Your Future Together
  5. There’s Give-and-Take between Each Other… etc etc, and many more explanations that can be conjured up through experience…
  6. Intuition that leads to mutual attraction

Is INTUITION biological, psychological or just pure logical?

Or all the above!


GENEmate - enhanced Friends and Mates matching tool, using an in-house matching algorithm and DNA analysis, to compute a Friendscore and a GENEscore, aided by visually appealing GENEtribe symbols, GENEheart and C-Score.


8 tribes to represent each gene type


Solo heart - soulmate own heart

Paired heart - combining the hearts of 2 soulmates

User online platform

One simple online portal to view Friendscore, GENEscore, C-Score, GENEtribe symbols, solo and paired GENEheart.