About the Product

  • Based on a proprietary algorithm, GENEformula, with advice from Prof Roger Foo and a team of eminent scientists we work with, we bring you:
    1. GENEtribe;

    2. GENEheart;

    3. GENEscore.

  • Besides GENEformula, using our in-house algorithm, based on information that is provided by the user, we compute a Friendscore between individuals.
  • For the ultimate matching C-Score which encompasses biological, psychological and logical factors, this is derived from the combination of both GENEscore and Friendscore. GENEmate offers the more balanced recommendation to you.


  • Based on a GENEformula, you will be assigned into one of 8 tribes.
  • Each tribe is represented by a symbol with a shape and colour for ease of identification.
  • The word ’Love', in different languages, is used as the name for each tribe.
  • At the most basic level, knowing your tribe allows you to look for someone from another tribe for optimum genetic compatibility.
  • For a higher degree of certainty, you should conduct the paired GENEheart matching with compatibility score.

8 tribes representing the output of our proprietary GENEformula










  • We use our GENEformula to tally thousands of your gene positions to compute your one and only Solo GENEheart, nobody else should have exactly the same GENEheart as you.
  • Besides the Solo GENEheart, when 2 friends are interested to pair their hearts to assess compatibility, we will integrate both hearts into a Paired GENEheart, where overlapping positions will be assessed. The more colourful the Paired GENEheart, the higher is the genetic compatibility score!

What will you get?

Friendscore¹, GENEtribe² and Solo GENEheart³.

To match your Solo GENEheart with a potential soulmate, we will compute and generate the Paired GENEheart⁴ and GENEscore⁵ against each potential lifetime partner of your choice. You can request for as many Paired GENEhearts as you wish as long as you have a valid subscription.

The ultimate C-Score⁶ is derived from Friendscore and GENEscore to give you a more balanced advice.